Home made, cinnamon-scented playdough, ready for tomorrow!

Mmmmmm…..we just finished making a big batch of all-natural playdough. We added some cinnamon to give it a nice scent too!! Tomorrow we plan to place the big ball of playdough on one of our tables during Learning Centre time (the two, 45-60 minute uninterrupted chunks of time during the day when our students get to play/learn/explore/investigate/etc.). We will also place some natural materials (e.g. sea shells, acorns, small rocks, etc.) on the table so that our students can explore/build/play/create whatever they’d like. There are many great playdough recipes out there, but this is the one that we used for this batch:


We will be making playdough later this week with the children as well (using a recipe that doesn’t require us to use a stove). Enjoy your Sunday! We can’t wait to see all of our students’ smiling faces tomorrow!!

Oh and remember, there’s NO SCHOOL on Tuesday (September 23rd). That’s a PA (professional activity) day for us teachers. And also, don’t forget that our Terry Fox walk is this Wednesday (September 24th) in the morning. The Grade 1-5 students will be walking around the neighbourhood. But the kindergarten students will just be walking laps around our school/school yard. Please return any Terry Fox forms and/or money by Wednesday. Thanks!!

~Ms. Braham & Ms. Erwin



About mykahsmom13

Mother to a beautiful, curious, happy, smart littl girl! I'm a kindergarten teacher and I have a passion for children, photography and the outdoors.
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